Did you know that the health of the soil has an effect on your health? ¬†It’s true. Here are a few reasons why:

Farmer hand holding a fresh young plant. Symbol of new life and environmental conservation

Nutrient rich, healthy foods are grown in soils that are healthy. The soil provides the calcium that is in your broccoli. It also provides the protein¬†that is present in your wheat kernels because of the nitrogen in the soil. If there is a mineral deficiency in the soil, the crops that you grow in that soil will not be as healthy or nutritious. Because of this, if you plan to grow your own food, you should have your soil tested. Your local extension service can do this for you and tell you if your soil is needing any amendments. You should also rotate your crops regularly. Don’t go each year growing your tomatoes in the same place. Rotate them, instead, with your carrots or broccoli. This will help keep you from depleting the nutrients in your soil since each plant uses the nutrients in the soil in a different way. Keeping the nutrients up to par will help you get a better crop yield and help your crop to be more nutritious.

Soil that is healthy has a lot of biodiversity. There is a lot of life that lives in the soil, such as the worms and ants you may see. There are also soil microbes by the billions that cannot be seen by the human eye. They live in communities and help to control both the good and bad bacteria in the soil. When the soil isn’t healthy, it is quickly taken over by the bad bacteria and can hurt humans and plants alike. In order to keep this from happening, you need to keep your soil healthy. To do this, you will need to add good compost and amendments to the soil as needed. This will keep the soil healthy by keeping the microbes in balance.

The plant life on Earth is kept alive by healthy soils. The soil holds up the forest’s trees physically by allowing the roots to anchor themselves into it. The trees also get their water and nutrients from the same soil. The trees, in turn, give us humans the oxygen necessary to survive.