1227d86e8ba3e5167ec80986bcfbf54eSoil is a very important part of the world we live in. It is a necessary component of living on earth, just like animals and plants. The soil determines what plants can grow in an area and, in effect, which animals can survive in the area. Soil controls water flow through the land and is a source and a storehouse for the gases in our atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide and oxygen. It holds secrets to our past in the form of archaeological remains and is part of our cultural heritage.

Soil is┬ápart of the intricate system that our world is made us. It supports plants and animals, as well as the climate and is an integral part of the earth’s natural system. Though it looks lifeless, it is changing all of the time thanks to both natural and man made causes. Some of the changes our soil experiences is short term, while other changes are more permanent.

We here at Restoration Soil try to find ways to keep our soil healthy for future generations. We study soil and its uses and determine plans of action to help soil that has become contaminated.

We hope you will join us on our quest to learn more about soil and its role in all of our lives.